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Chocolate and smoothies - a match made in heaven!

September 27, 2016

We’ve rounded up the very best smoothies from around the web, and all them have one thing in common: raw chocolate!

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Cool dessert ideas using raw chocolate

August 19, 2016

raw chocolate ice cream

In the brief warmth which constitutes the British summer time, your appetite might start to wander towards the fridge or the freezer for a chilled treat – after all, chocolate melts in the sun, right? It also melts deliciously over ice cream, makes scrumptious cold desserts and flavours luxurious liquid refreshment.

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New to Raw Chocolate?

If this whole raw chocolate thing is new to you it can be bewildering.
So many new products, so many new brands... Fear not. For we believe we have some amazing products to offer you and definitely something to suit all tastes. Try some of these for starters...