The Purist Box

330 g

Raw chocolate is a pretty new thing and some people are a bit unsure that it'll be as good as the dark chocolate they're used to.  Well, this box is designed to change that.  Six hand-selected products from the store that perfectly combine the benefits of raw cacao with the taste and appeal of fine quality dark chocolate.  Each item contains a higher cocoa solids than 72% with the highest being Ombar 90% - so, dark chocolate lovers only!  A perfect present for chocolate aficionados who love to explore new chocolate creations.
(Contents may vary if we're out of stock of a particular item)

Contents: 1 x Lovechock Pure Nibs, 1 x Pacari Salt & Nibs, 1 x Ombar 90%, 1 x IQ Bean to Bar, 1 x Forever Cacao 72%, 1 x Ombar 72% Buttons

Category: New, Organic, Vegan

Type: Gifts

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