Sacred Chocolate - Gold Ormus 1MG (40g)

40 g

Sacred Heart Chocolates are created in the shape of a golden spiral heart and it is generally agreed that they are the best raw chocolates in existence! This Gold Ormus  heart has been slowly stone-ground from bean to bar in their custom chocolate factory in San Rafael, California, not to mention hand poured & hand wrapped.

Watch out; at 70%, this is a dark chocolate with 1mg of pure gold ormus in it!! 


Cacao Nibs, Raw Cacao Butter, Maple Sugar, Raw Cacao Beans with Skins, Gold Ormus (1mg).

Minimum cacao solids : 70%

Nutrition Information (Per 100g): Energy 2460 kj (588.2kcal), Fat 44.1g, of which saturates 27g, Carbohydrates 41.7g, of which sugars 27g, Fibre 9.8g, Protein 4.9g, Salt 0g.

Minimum Guaranteed Shelf Life: 1 Month

Category: New, Organic, Vegan

Type: Bars

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