Goodio - Wild Blueberry 61% (48g)

48 g

Unique combination of raw chocolate and wild blueberries gathered from the Finnish wilderness.

Goodio chocolates are handmade in our little chocolate factory in Helsinki. To achieve a smooth and silky consistency, we start by slowly grinding raw cacao together with the other ingredients in a stone grinder for at least two days. 

Raw chocolate, minimum 61% cacao content.

Ingredients: Cacao bean*, coconut palm sugar*, cacao butter*, coconut flake*, wild blueberry powder*. *organic

Store in a cool, dry place. May contain traces of nuts. Dairy-free, gluten-free and soy-free.

Nutrition Information: (Per 100g): Energy 2149kj (513kcal), Fat 39.8g, of which saturates 23.7g, Carbohydrates 47.7g, of which sugars 26g, Dietary Fibre: 0g, Protein 5.5g, Salt 0g.

Minimum Guaranteed Shelf Life: 1 Month

Category: Adventurous, New, Organic, Vegan

Type: Bars

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