The benefits of raw chocolate

You’ve heard about raw chocolate; perhaps you’ve even tasted it before – otherwise, why would you be visiting us today? However, have you ever wondered what makes it so different from normal chocolate? If you were, let us tell you about some of the many benefits of raw chocolate:


It’s good for you

Yes, it’s true: raw chocolate is good for you. It contains chemical compounds called flavonols which, as antioxidants, can prevent cell damage that is caused by free-radicals. The flavonols - which are found in large quantities in raw chocolate – have a beneficial impact on blood, allowing it to flow better and lower blood pressure. It is thought that iron-rich raw chocolate could even reduce the risk of heart disease when eaten in moderation.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also scientific evidence to suggest that flavonols can reverse memory loss – a hugely exciting discovery. A study found that high quantities of flavonols can improve the decline, but you won’t get the same effects from eating standard milk chocolate. More research is required, naturally, but the news is encouraging.

The manufacturing process retains the goodness

When we say ‘raw’ chocolate, we’re referring to the way the cacao beans are dried. Standard, mass-produced chocolate uses a roasting process which heats the beans and unfortunately, destroys much of the natural goodness. It can also impact the flavour.

The raw process is just that: uncooked. The beans are left to dry naturally. It may take longer, but it preserves all of the good stuff and enhances the flavour. The end result is a richer, deeper chocolatey taste and a bar which is more like a superfood than a sin.

raw cacao beans


It boosts your mood

Sometimes, just the thought of chocolate is enough to make you feel ten times more cheerful, However, there is an actual reasoning behind the fact that chocolate makes us feel good. They stimulate the production of pheromones – in particular, one called phenylethylamine which creates a sense of wellbeing and excitement.

In addition, raw chocolate contains several other nutrients which are similarly known for boosting your mood, including iron, zinc and magnesium which increase your energy levels, promote the development of serotonin (which regulates emotions) and can serve as a mild anti-depressant.

Support the independents!

Most raw chocolate products are lovingly created by small-scale artisan producers, each of which has probably spent years and years developing their range, carefully selecting their ingredients and responsibly choosing their partner suppliers. Most finished items are manufactured locally, too.

Without wishing to ‘burst your bubble’, did you know that many of the large chocolate manufacturers buy their chocolate from Europe, ready-made, and just add their flavours and fillings in the UK? Our sellers are small enterprises who oversee the entire production from start to finish, with input at every stage. They’re proud of their chocolate and are sure you’ll love it as much as they do.

Guilt-free indulgence

In this health-conscious age, many of us are trying to cut back on certain ingredients – whether it’s because we can’t tolerate them or simply to be ‘good’. That can make life – and especially eating – very dull. If only there was a way to enjoy a treat once in a while, without the crushing guilt which normally comes with it… Aha! There is!

Raw chocolate doesn’t contain dairy products, so is suitable for vegans and those who can’t handle lactose – unlike so many of the mass produced chocolate products on the market. They’re also largely gluten-free and many don’t contain refined sugar (though check the individual items for confirmation), so if you’re trying to eat clean, this is the treat for you!

Luxury products, incredible flavour combinations and beautiful packaging – when you buy raw chocolate, you’re getting a guilt-free, indulgent experience, not just a treat.

There you have it, the benefits of raw chocolate. Oh – and here’s one more: we’ve put together the best range of raw chocolate products in the one place. Why not browse the collection and treat yourself?

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