Sacred Chocolate - Amazonian (40g) - Better Before Oct 2021

40 g

Sacred Heart Chocolates are created in the shape of a golden spiral heart and it is generally agreed that they are the best raw chocolates in existence! This Amazonian heart has been slowly stone-ground from bean to bar in their custom chocolate factory in San Rafael, California and is one of our favourites!

Using nuts and berries from the Amazon Jungle and approximately 22 Amazonian herbs, Sacred Chocolate have created this profound chocolate bar that will take you through a 5 minute flavour expedition through the Amazon! With infused fruity and nutty tones, this 52% Raw Cacao bar, this chocolate is not to be missed!


"Cacao Beans with SKINS, *Maple Sugar, "Cacao Butter, "Amazonian Jungle Peanuts, "Coconut, "Brazil Nuts, ~Quararibea Funebris, "Incan Berry, *Cashews, "Purple Corn, "Maca, ~Acai, "Lucuma, *Vanilla Bean, *Stevia Leaf, ~Sacha Jergon, "Camu Camu, ~Sacha Inchi Nuts, *Yacon Leaf, ~Clavo Huasca, "Yacon Root, ~Andean Salt, ~Chuchuhuasi, ~Tahuari Golden, ~Canchalagua, ~Iporuro, ~Pasuchaca, ~Hercampuri, ~Pau D’Arco, "Guayusa, ~Chancapiedra, "Yerba Mate, ~Cat's Claw, ~Manayupa.  (NOTE:  Several rare ingredients listed above vary from batch to batch based on availability.) "100% Organic, *Organic, ~Wildcrafted

Minimum cacao solids : 52%

Nutrition Information (Per 100g): Energy 2244 kj (537kcal), Fat 39g, of which saturates 22g, Carbohydrates 44g, of which sugars 32g, Fibre 7g, Protein 5g, Salt

Minimum Guaranteed Shelf Life: 1 Month

Category: New, Organic, Vegan

Type: Bars

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