Full Moon Samhain Cacao Ceremony Oct 31st 2020

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Oct 31st, 7.0- 10.0 pm

Venue: Online

Join Kate Magic and a circle of like-minded individuals for an evening of upliftment and inspiration. The ceremony will be held over Zoom and we will send you full details of how to prepare for the evening when you book.

Samhain is the mid-point between Equinox and Solstice in the solar calendar, and is considered to be an auspicious time to banish demons (hence the origins of Hallowe'en). This Samhain falls on a full moon, so it will be particularly potent!

Kate has been working with cacao since 2004, when raw cacao beans first became available in the UK. She has held hundreds of classes and workshops around the world in her work as a raw food educator, and loves to bring people together in a safe and nurturing environment, to gently hold space for them to step into their magic.

The session will include a pdf with instructions to make your own cacao drink, a gratitude ceremony, intention setting, and a visualisation circle. We will also do some gentle yoga, with a long savasana and meditation.

"Awesome full on day yesterday with a beautiful bunch of amazing women. I love hanging out with women, sharing our inner thoughts and supporting eachother. Thank you Kate." Asa Simonsson

If you have any questions about the event, please email hello@rawliving.eu

More About Cacao Ceremonies

Cacao ceremonies are a gently shamanic way of entering into our heartspace and creating a shift in our energy. As humans, we need ritual to mark the passage of time, and as we grow in our personal journeys, we find the rituals that we grew up with (like the pub on a Friday night, the club on a Saturday night, and a Sunday roast), no longer serve us. The rising interest in activities such as cacao ceremonies and gong baths illustrates how we are looking for new ways of socialising, and structured group activities which provide an opportunity to relax, reset, and unwind in a more holistic way.

There are many different ways to do cacao ceremonies, but all involve creating a meditative atmosphere, and working with the powerful energies of the cacao plant to facilitate an inward journey of reflection, that leaves you feeling freer and lighter within yourself.

Cacao ceremonies do not have any negative side-effects. They are suitable for everyone. Some people feel very relaxed and blissed out afterwards, others are energised and creatively inspired. If you are sensitive to cacao, you do not need to drink the full cup to get the benefits of the ritual. It helps to eat lightly before the ceremony, to avoid feeling nauseous. Drink lots of water afterwards, and if you’re going to eat, make it a large green alkalising salad.

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