MULU 'Evolved' Chai (38g) x 10 (SAVE 25%)

500 g

New from MULU is their Evolved range. Using raw, organic cacao, MULU stone-grind their chocolate for 48 hours to create a deliciously smooth chocolate. Lightly sweetened with 'SugaVida' a low-glycaemic Aryuvedic herb. We think you'll like them.

Ingredients: Organic Vegan Raw cacao mass (Organic Raw Vegan Cacao nibs, Organic Raw Vegan Cacao butter), Organic SugaVida (Palmyra jaggery), Organic Vegan Creamed coconut, Organic vegan Chai spices (Cardamom, ginger, Cinnamon, cloves), Vanilla

Category: New, Organic, Vegan

Type: Bars

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