Supplier Spotlight: Elements for Life

Posted on November 09, 2016 by Richard Turner


We've been working with Elements for Life for a while now and are big fans of their Yummy Scrummy Brownie in particular that is definitely true to it's name! We caught up with founders Dan and Paula to find out what drives them and their favourite soundtrack to make chocolate to!

What inspired you to start making raw chocolate?
Basically Paula and I have been on a journey with health, nutrition and diet and through that discovered raw chocolate. After a while, Paula wanted to make her own and Elements for Life grew out of that.

What’s your favourite product that you make?
Oooo difficult. We love Yummy Scrummy and it seems to be loved by our customers too. We're also really proud of our raw chocolate kit, which was our first product and kinda got us in to making raw chocolate. We love helping people to discover the joys of making their own raw chocolate goodies and the kit is a perfect introduction

If you could choose any music to make chocolate to, what would it be?
For the past couple of years we've pretty much become addicted to Radio Paradise which is a commercial free listener supported internet radio station, based in Paradise, California! They play a great range of music and they seem to now be the soundtrack to our lives!

What was your favourite sweet as a child?
For Dan it was Lion bars and for Paula it was Old Jamaica Rum n Raisin Chocolate

Raw chocolate is going from strength to strength. What is your favourite thing about the movement?
Its great to see more people reconnecting with their food and their health. It gives us hope for the future and we're proud and privileged to be part of that movement. Personally, we definitely feel as if the cacao wants to get out there, and we're happy to be part of that.

Where do you think this raw chocolate movement is going?
Oooo great question! There will definitely be some companies that really break in to the mainstream and become huge. Probably then being bought up by the big boys. And that's fine, as while the quality may slip, as often happens when the big food giants get involved, it all helps to raise the awareness for all of us involved in raw chocolate. Things are definitely going from strength to strength and its still pretty early days really. It's sure an exciting time!

If you could be a superhero for the day, which would you choose?
Dan here, for me I don't think I would want to be a superhero, I'd much rather excel as who I am, to know I'm doing my absolute best and making a positive impact on my family, friends and society as a whole. Paula says her hero as a kid growing up was Mr Benn

What’s your personal motto in life?
As a business, Elements for Life have the motto of Spreading the Raw Chocolate Love! Paula's motto is: The past is history, the future a mystery, this moment a gift. Dan has a personal mission: To create a world of unconditional love and empowered communities, through honesty, integrity and inspiration.

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