Weird and wonderful chocolate flavours

Posted on October 10, 2016 by Chloe Menage

Chocolate Week!

Weird and wonderful chocolate flavours

We love chocolate - it's great on it's own, but we also love it with other flavours. In this article we'll be looking at the huge variety of chocolate flavours you can find, and exploring all the weird and wonderful ingredients that can be matched with raw chocolate. We’ll also discuss the foods and beverages you should be pairing them with.

The rich flavour profile of cacao can tantalise the taste buds with fruity, earthy or even smoky tones. These differences depend not just on how the chocolate is made, but where the cacao originates from. Climate, soil and region all play their part in creating a unique taste.

As different chocolates offer different flavours for the palate, they can be paired with various foods or ingredients. For example, a fruity Peruvian Creole cacao, such as that used in Enjoy's chocolate bars, makes it ideal with fruit and nuts.

What are some of the strangest combinations, and why do they work?

The trend for matcha and green tea extends happily to chocolate, and it’s a pairing that delights the taste buds. Take for example Ombar’s Lemon and Green Tea bars – a daring blend indeed, but the zest of the lemon blends perfectly with the potent green tea and warm chocolatey flavour.

Slightly stranger is this combo we came across - chocolate with fried onions or onion rings!?  There’s even a recipe, although, let’s face it, it’s certainly not the healthiest! If you’re looking for something more sophisticated, why not try a chocolate mousse, sprinkled with baked onion? Opt for an unsweetened chocolate to really match the flavours.

What else? Take a look at some of these chocolate combinations and let us know what you think – would you try them?

  • Wasabi
  • Lavender
  • Kaffir lime leaves
  • Tobacco

Chocolate ingredients

What goes perfectly with chocolate?

Despite Gregg Wallace’s Twitter storm comment on MasterChef that chocolate and ginger don’t go, we have to disagree.

The fiery tones of ginger and chilli make both of these spices pleasing for the pallet when combined with the creamy warmth of chocolate, and a popular choice for raw chocolate lovers.

Fruit is an obvious pairing for chocolate, but there’s no need to stick with just the berries; passionfruit, lemon and orange are all wonderful flavours. We think that fresh banana with chocolate is a winning combination for dessert, breakfast or indeed any time of day.

When we asked some of our chocolate experts, here’s what they had to say:

Pairing chocolate with wine

Whether you’re looking for a dessert drink or an early evening tipple, wine is the perfect accompaniment for chocolate. The UK Sommelier Association recommends fortified wines like Marsala, Port, Sherry and Madeira to accompany chocolate and says of the choice “It's pretty delicious.”

Chocolate around the world

How does a chocolate and chilli savoury enchilada sound? This delicious traditional Mexican dish uses chocolate as the basis for the Mole sauce, and goes perfectly with veggies or meat, and the cheese is optional. The strong flavours make it well worth trying if you haven’t already. Why not start with this Roasted Butternut Mole Enchilada recipe from Feasting at Home?

The Japanese enjoy pushing the boundaries on mixing sweet and savoury, with what some might class as simply bizarre flavours of confectionary. Cheese, grilled potato and cherry blossom are just some of the chocolate bar flavours that can be found on supermarket shelves.

For a limited period of time in America it was possible to buy chocolate flavoured crisps, satisfying some people’s cravings for a salt and sweet mix. Other more unusual flavours you may come across around the world are camel milk, curry powder and even fire ants!

If you’re looking to enliven your taste buds, then how about the Pacari 70% raw bar with salt and nibs?

Hopefully this article has encouraged you to expand your chocolate repertoire and try something new. Check out our full range of delicious and exotic raw chocolate bars and see if you can find a new flavour to please your palate.

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