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Supplier Spotlight: Forever Cacao

April 21, 2016

Forever Cacao’s Pablo hand makes his chocolate in the hills of Wales with Peruvian Cacao which is grown, harvested and dried by Ashaninka families. He aims to bring raw chocolate up to the standard of its roasted counterpart and create something that’s nutritious and completely delicious at the same time. Below we discover Pablo’s favourite product to make, his personal motto in life and much more!  

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New product alert: Pana Chocolate

February 25, 2016

We’re super excited to finally get our hands on this chocolate from down under, which has taken Australia by storm. The sumptuous raw chocolate made with cacao from Bolivia has a mouth-wateringly smooth and velvety texture that’s not to be missed. Each bar is made with organic ingredients that will love you from the inside out; such as raw cacao powder, virgin coconut oil and coconut nectar.

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New to Raw Chocolate?

If this whole raw chocolate thing is new to you it can be bewildering.
So many new products, so many new brands... Fear not. For we believe we have some amazing products to offer you and definitely something to suit all tastes. Try some of these for starters...