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All chocolate – good or bad – is made from cacao beans. But did you know these beans are little powerhouses of nutrition containing over 300 active chemical compounds?

In normal chocolate processing, cacao beans are roasted to develop flavour, but this can also reduce some of the healthy properties of cacao, such as antioxidants and other heat-sensitive compounds.



RAW chocolate producers aim to preserve the natural goodness of the cacao bean whilst still processing them into delicious chocolate products.


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The other wonderful thing about Raw Chocolate is that the makers of these delicious products personally care about making a healthy, nutritious product.

As well as using raw, unroasted cacao, raw chocolate products are sweetened with healthier sugars such as fruit powders, coconut sugar or xylitol. They are nearly always dairy-free and vegan and often crammed full of extra healthy ingredients!

We bring you the best products from the world of raw chocolate. We have bars, pies, truffles and nibbles in a variety of shapes and sizes for every taste.

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    Such a quick and easy site to use. Fabulous chocolate too!
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    “ Amazing service!! I spoke to a lovely lady last week…my gorgeous chocolate arrived promptly the day after I placed the order. Well packaged to avoid spoilage in transit. Highly recommending to all of my friends and will be ordering often from now on!! – Laura”

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    My Sister is Vegan and so struggles to find fun food to eat. Also as it is her Birthday she deserves a treat. This store has proved to be a godsend – Dave

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    I love how simple and straight-forward it is to shop with you. I always get my goods in good time and all is well. Thank you!
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