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Pacari Organic Raw 70% with An
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Ombar Organic Strawberries & C
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Why Raw?
Good question. What it's all about is essentially keeping more of the original nutritional benefits of the raw cacao bean in these chocolate bars as possible. So, in normal chocolate processing, there are stages such as roasting where the antioxidants and nutritients are reduced as they are heat sensitive. Raw chocolate attempts to process the cocoa more gently thereby keeping more benefits intact in the final product.

The products in this unique shop continue the trend toward a healthier chocolate with the inclusion of ingredients such as probiotics and fruits, as well as the exclusion of unhealthy stuff such as refined sugar. We also have snack bars, pies and truffles for an alternative way to enjoy raw chocolate.

What you say...
You have given us an average rating of 4.4 out of 5! Here's a few examples of some of the feedback we've had:

easy to order, fun, and cheap oversea shipping, it's perfect!! - Agnes

Love the site, love OMBARS!! :oP - Catherine

great shop, and very easy to use I have recommended you to friends and on my face book page, delivery is also very efficient thankyou for lighting up my life...lovely website...products...all good...x - Katherine

I love how simple and straight-forward it is to shop with you. I always get my goods in good time and all is well. Thank you! - Christina

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